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Todd Terje - Live 2014 Oya Festival


Bear In Heaven - Time Between (Official Video)


Fela Kuti & Roy Ayers - Music of Many Colors (1980)

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Warpaint - Keep It Healthy (El-P Remix)

Shit Robot - “We Got A Love” feat Reggie Watts


Quantic– “Duvidó feat. Pongolove

Pairs Well With… Spanky Wilson, Alice Russell, Russell Porter

Quantic remains one of the most impressive producers in World music. His tasteful mixing of beats with traditional singing is some of the most compelling Latin music in recent memory. This combination is in full effect on the lead single Duvidó from his upcoming album Magnetica.

2012 Review: Quantic is Will Holland, a UK born musician on a mission to take part in spreading geographically isolated music across the globe. His most recent passion is Cumbia music, a highly rhythmic cultural mash up of a genre, which originated in Columbia and is popular across Latin America. Check out tracks from the fantastic 2007 Quantic Soul Orchestra album Tropidélico or Tradition in Translation by Quantic and his Combo Bárbaroto get a feel for Holland’s spin on Cumbia. His aim at spreading music across the globe cuts right to the heart of music geeks who love to experience the music of other regions and cultures.  What’s so impressive about Will Holland is that he is inspired in so many genres and works with so many artists. From his early electronic work through his more ambitious recent work with his Combo Bárbaro and beyond he has produced unique, thought provoking, and significant music. His website is a great door into his ever expanding musical universe. While Quantic’s music is not for all, there are little to no pop aesthetics, for the adventurous listener there is a wealth of music across his dozen plus albums.

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