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36” Chain by El-P + Killer Mike = Run the Jewels

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Bird Peterson and Mad Decent present Drankenstein 4! The fourth (and perhaps final) installment of Bird’s Drankenstein series continues the alma gam of dirty south rap and epic trance, a concoction that has resulted in the most futuristic ham that has ever popped trunk. Prepare your subs to reach zero gravity, and eat a handful of astronaut pup. Let the space madness for that ass begin….

Drankenstein 4 by Bird Peterson

Where U From
Burnin’ Up
Hoe Grinder
What You Chasin’
Did I Dew That?
Show Them Toos
Gucci Roll
Snack Pack Boss
Still Debatin’ On Them 22s
Knuck Knuck Goose
Big Ballin
Know You Hearda That
Just Like That

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Evil Nine featuring Danny Brown - The Black Brad Pitt

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